Interview with Raj Sethia, CEO, FireFly Networks

About Raj Sethia, CEO, FireFly Networks

Raj Sethia, chief executive officer (CEO), FireFly Networks, is excited about the opportunities unleashed by the growing digitisation and mobile internet adoption in the country. A joint venture between Bharti Airtel and Vodafone India, FireFly Networks offers Wi-Fi services. Wi-Fi is emerging as a preferred medium of mobile internet delivery and customer engagement, according to Sethia. “We see us playing a defining role in helping build carrier grade Wi-Fi data access infrastructure across India that will seamlessly complement the fast growing 4G reach and also help hotspot owners serve their customers better and more profitably,” he says.

Sethia has over 12 years’ experience in the sector, of which nine years were spent at Vodafone. He has always enjoyed working in unstructured roles that allowed him the freedom and opportunity to make a visible difference. He fondly remembers his stint as chief financial officer of a new business circle for Vodafone, where he helped build revenues from zero to Rs 1 billion a month in record time. “The sheer excitement of starting something from scratch and seeing it grow, in front of your eyes, is hard to put into words.”

Source: DigiAnalysys

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