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Artificial Intelligence stands for intelligent systems that make sense of a huge amount of data by learning from repeated experiences or tasks (without any human intervention). On the other hand, Internet of Things (popularly known as IoT) is a system of interlinked devices (mechanical and digital systems working together) that collect and exchange data with each other efficiently over the internet.


Devices powering Internet of Things systems are used to gather the huge amount of data that is required by the Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The AI analyses that data and converts it into useful results that can derive greater insights from the data, relaying it further for actionable results.


The total number of IoT connected devices is projected to rise to 75.44 billion worldwide by 2025 (Statista Research Department). This staggering network will surround and influence our every move, using the latest Wi-Fi technology for pervasive connectivity, especially as a large chunk of those systems have major utility in public locations.


This includes all mechanical devices and digital systems in public environments like hospitals, marketplaces, corporate parks, malls, etc, that work together to efficiently relay information with each other, creating newer solutions for existing and new-age problems. It is especially more prevalent now in the post-COVID-19 era where safety has become more than a requirement with governments and businesses looking for intelligent solutions that can assure people of good protection when they step outside of their homes.


Here are 4 instances of the solutions that are utilising AI and IoT technology with public Wi-Fi for greater safety in public locations:


  1. Thermal scanner for Corporate Parks/Offices

A Thermal Imaging System takes your body temperature accurately while facial recognition system (AI) stores their images with their daily records in a database, and gives a signal to an application that allows or restricts entry of people accordingly for added safety inside.


  1. Camera-based solution for Hospital workers and patients

An AI Camera-based system captures live feed from existing CCTV inside the hospitals while identifying and storing image/video history of people through facial recognition. In the event of a worker/patient testing positive, the Machine Learning based AI system can help retrace their paths from their database, helping reduce the spread of infection further.


  1. Camera-based solution for Malls/Public hangouts

With lockdown being lifted slowly everywhere, it’s vital that malls and other dense public areas enforce safety practices. Existing CCTV cameras can be used to run an integrated application which accurately identifies people not covering their faces with a mask, handkerchief, etc. and builds a database so that teams enforcing rules can take action and ask people to follow greater safety.


  1. Solutions for other public places

Social distancing is one of the best measures to protect yourself from the risk of infection in densely populated areas. Public hangouts can provide secured connectivity with Camera-based detection of people not following safe distancing protocols. Quick alerts would notify teams of lapses, so they can assure the people of an added layer of safety.

Use of various biometric techniques (like Retina scan) at transit places can also help in better protection while smart parking at corporate parks or hospitals can save a lot of time and hassle.


Public Wi-Fi technology is set to play a significant role in the ’new normal’ of today by ensuring greater safety of people in their area of operation. The utilisation the union of intelligent AI and Internet of Things devices with public Wi-Fi as an anchor, public locations can provide a pervasive environment that safeguards the health of everyone inside.


NOTE: There could be numerous uses/solutions that can be provided at the locations where public Wi-Fi is already running. Our author, paid more emphasis on solutions that are widely available in the market right now.

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