AI/IoT Enhancing Connectivity all around with Public Wi-Fi

AI/IoT Enhancing Connectivity all around with Public Wi-Fi

As the world reacquaints itself to the changed way of life in today’s world, we can feel fortunate to have had innovative, new-age technological solutions which guided and supported us to a safer environment. The union of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a blessing, especially in the areas for greater safety in public locations, in getting things back on track (Read firefly networks blog: INTERNET OF THINGS AND AI UNLOCKING SAFETY WITH PUBLIC WI-FI).

But that just shows a tip of the iceberg, as there is massive potential for enhanced level of digitisation and innovation to take centre stage in everyone’s daily life today. And businesses can upgrade their services, satisfying the consumers’ needs better while boosting their growth by enhancing connectivity – utilising AI/IoT innovation with public Wi-Fi serving as the anchor.

As people get more comfortable with the digital-first readiness, and 2021 projecting greater growth in interconnected systems, let’s paint a picture of instances where smart Artificial Intelligence can work in conjunction with the huge data gathered by IoT systems.


Cases where location partners can derive benefit from AI and IoT systems with Public Wi-Fi



Advanced AI/IoT technologies, like advanced biometric systems, can remove a lot of inconvenience and wait time, giving a much smoother experience to travellers. Strategically equipping different terminal sections with digital IoT beacons would enable easier identification and access to people entering the gates, with superior public wifi at airport.



With the efficient wireless infrastructure provider/partner at their helm, hospitals can employ AI/IoT technologies to better secure their facilities in today’s era, which in turn will help them to deliver improvised services. Public Wi-Fi can follow potential risk cases efficiently using real-time vision tracking & advanced analytics integrated inside.


Educational Institutes:

Traditional learning is leaving the door open for latest learning solutions to grow. Smart interconnected sensors and devices can gather data, find better insights and statistics, (regarding user’s behaviour and responses) and facilitate personalised learning for students, enabling better development.


Transit Places:

AI-based vision systems can recognise behavioural trends much easily, while IoT sensors can offer better operational efficiency, improving the travel experience for commuters.

With buses, metros and cross-city commute gaining more footfalls, AI/IoT can make the transit infrastructure safer and more efficient with public Wi-Fi.


Malls and Shopping Centres:

AI-powered tracking solutions can manage overcrowding during peak hours, help retailers minimise costs by improving operational efficiencies and planning – enabling businesses to build greater engagement and recall with their customers.


Corporate Parks:

Smart facial recognition systems can ensure that office-goers follow required safety protocols. And smart sensors will help the AI/IoT union to eliminate the need for touching surfaces and increasing threat risk, helping safeguard everyone’s safety while enhancing connectivity with public Wi-Fi.


Smart City Projects:

AI/IoT in the smart city space seems ready to take the next big leap with public Wi-Fi. Adaptive lighting, smart security cameras, and sensors can lead the way for more sustainable, energy-efficient systems for greener and healthier cities.


The growing adoption of AI/IoT technologies will be #EnhancingConnectivity and impacting nearly every aspect of our lifestyle. And those businesses that adapt to the needs of the new normal stand to benefit hugely from increased efficiency, better insights, and performance, while at the same time enabling us to shift our focus to a more sustainable future.

Whether it’s your home, your car, the streets you walk on or any buildings you enter, the network of AI and IoT with many interconnected devices, powered with the support of public Wi-Fi, is going to be assimilated very deeply in our lives.


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