Benefits for various sectors

Telecom and IT-
Public Wi-Fi can address the issue of call drops by offloading of traffic.

Retail Potential -
Public Wi-Fi can help in marketing to a captive audience.

Hospitality -
Public Wi-Fi can be used to collect customer data for targeted marketing.

Healthcare -
Public Wi-Fi can improve Asset management, Monitoring temperature and better maintenance of Patients record.

Education -
Public Wi-Fi can facilitate growth of online Education.

Public Wi-Fi can help people be connected while in transit.

Financial services-
Public Wi-Fi can be used to promote new products and services, collect customer data and make the waiting time pleasant for customers.

Benefits to the mobile internet users

High Speed Data for a great overall experience

Seamless/ Hassle free data access for all same

Value for money

Benefits to the location owners

World Class, Carrier Grade WIFI

24x7 Support by
centeral monitiring

engagement tools

No Regulatory