Benefits for various sectors

Wireless infrastructure gives you and your guests the freedom of a stable connection without network loss weighing you down. It’s better secured and more cost effective than mobile internet, and helps to engage with your customers directly while promoting your brand message. You also get live Customer Insights which can further help to provide better targeted services. Moreover, with the 24x7 Support by our Central Monitoring system, you won’t have any issues with break in services.

Now let us look at the advantages of public wifi hotspot solution on varying industries.

-Telecom and IT
Public Wifi deployment could be a cheaper option when compared to 3G/4G and give faster, more stable connection for better VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services; at the same time lowering congestion on mobile networks in dense, high footfall areas with wifi at airport . It can thus address the issue of call drops by offloading of traffic.

Big shopping malls get thousands of customers daily. Wi-Fi connectivity would allow brands to target their potential consumer segment quickly by reaching a huge chunk of people with their highly-targeted messages.

Hotel industry is extremely competitive but you can gain edge on your competitors by offering smart Wi-Fi and collecting customer data for targeted marketing.

-Recreational & Outdoor Parks
Theme Parks are amazingly crowded recreational areas that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Your brand could provide them high speed Wi-Fi connectivity in exchange for basic information like email ID and age.
Having the analytics means you can better target your segment and surprise them with exclusive promotions.

Assess management: With Public Wi-Fi, you get an asset tracking solution and save time from manually searching the equipment. Monitoring temperature: Wi-Fi makes tracking the inventory and storage temperature of food, organs, blood, pharmaceuticals or any other important hospital items much easier, especially because they require careful attention. Alerts can be sent to the relevant person in case of error reports.
Patient records: Health care centres can update all patient records during ward rounds and save paper work .This reduces the likelihood of important information missing out from analysis.

Wifi at Education Institutes has facilitated the growth of online education and has made educational materials freely accessible to any student across the globe. Hence, new students can benefit from this location independent digital environment and have a different take from traditional, classroom only based education.

In our super-connected world, when people expect anytime-anywhere internet services even more when they are on the road – a wireless Internet connection is the best possible solution. With Public Wifi, People can have seamless, high-speed Internet at all times whether they be at airports, railway stations or bus stops.

-Financial Services
Wait time: Installing and offering public Wi-Fi at your bank can make wait times more pleasant and productive.
Promote new products and services: Through public wifi hotspot solution, banks can use a branded splash page to raise awareness about new products and services like credit card, loans and investment offers.
Collect customer data: Banking is one of the few industries with customer demographics that span all races, sexes and ages. Analytics could help you to understand your customers’ needs like their preferred products, the days and times when they are most likely to step in, etc.

Benefits to the mobile internet users


High Speed Data for a great overall experience


Seamless, Hassle free data access


Value for money


Targeted Offers

Benefits to the location owners


World Class, Carrier Grade WIFI


24x7 Support by
centeral monitiring


engagement tools


No Regulatory